2020 Dry Creek Valley Classic Zinfandel

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With only 13.8% alcohol and modest use of French oak aging, it is bright and fruit forward in style, but with Dry Creek’s classic zinberry aromatics of cherry and strawberry. Smooth tannins and good midpalate weight, are a result of fresh berries and not raisins.

90% Zin, 7% Petite Sirah, 3% Carignane

Winemaker's Notes

This classic 50/50 two-vineyard blend of Nalle Estate Old Vine Zinfandel and Bernier-Sibary field blend, is a testimony to over 36 years of experience in bottling balanced, flavorful Zin reflective of Dry Creek Valley. The estate 93-year-old vines are dry-farmed and head trained, yielding intense fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and structured tannins. Soils here are well-drained, gravelly clay and loam which help to impart layered notes of raspberry and strawberries. The Bernier-Sibary ‘Zinyard’ yields fruit with focused, lively flavors. Harvested and fermented together, the Petite Sirah and Carignane add color and mid-palate strength to complement the brambly, complex flavors. Slightly acidic, fine loamy soils formed from sandstone and found mainly in steep mountainous areas encourage the development of small berries with tempered acidity and weighty tannin structure.

The Nalle winemaking style follows traditional vigneron techniques: low yields in the vineyard, hand picking and sorting, gentler macerations, and small fermentations. Aged exclusively in French oak (Alain Fouquet, Demptos, Francois Freres) 25% new, for 11 months.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Nuanced notes of Bing cherry and strawberry abound, followed by red currant and hints of vanilla spice from the French oak.

TASTE: Texture + Aroma = flavor. On first sip the Bing cherry and red currant burst on the mid palate, immediately followed by vanilla oak spice.

MOUTHFEEL: Textured with round, velvety tannins and bright zinberry bursts, this wine is true to the classic Nalle structure and a nod to Bordeaux.

FINISH: With crisp acidity and medium body, this wine finishes with rounded, smooth tannins

Technical Data

Barrel Aging French oak (Alain Fouquet, Demptos, Francois Freres) 25% new, for 11 months.
Cases Produced 720
Alcohol 13.8%
pH 3.60
TA 6.4

2020 Dry Creek Valley Classic Zinfandel